“Tools to cope better with the challenges of modern life.”

Yoga and Mindfulness

I began practising yoga over 25 years ago, initially to relieve work stress. I was totally 'hooked' after my first class, subsequently training as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, accredited by both Yoga Alliance Professionals and the British Wheel of Yoga with a particular interest in women’s health.

My love of yoga and awareness of its significant benefits has grown and developed over the years, along with my own daily practice. I regularly attend different training and professional development sessions and now work predominantly 1:1 providing bespoke sessions and programmes to a range of clients. Sessions can consist of various elements including: breathwork, relaxation, meditation and asanas(postures) to meet individual needs.

I am trained in mindfulness and really feel the benefit of bringing its practice into all areas of my life.

Yoga and mindfulness provide the tools not only to cope better with the demands of modern life, but to thrive.

Elsa has been helping and encouraging me with my yoga practice for a number of years now. I love the way she tailors our time together to fit to the way I’m feeling at each session, always checking what I feel I need help with, how I’m feeling in myself and ensuring that I finish our time together relaxed, refreshed and positive. Her manner is so soothing, her personal attention to my movement very thorough and as a person, really lovely to spend time with.

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meet the coach

I work with my clients to build their self-awareness and inner resourcefulness.

Meet the Coach

Having had a successful corporate career for over 25 years, I am now a qualified Yoga and Mindfulness teacher, Stress Management Consultant and Wellbeing Coach. I blend my knowledge and experience with different coaching tools and therapeutic techniques to support individuals and organisations. I work with my clients to build their self-awareness and inner resourcefulness, empowering them with the mindset, tools and confidence to reach their goals.


"If you are open to change but a bit hesitant, Elsa is a wonderful coach that will work with you and move at your pace. I would highly recommend working with her."

"Working with Elsa was a wonderful experience. I have learned so much in a short time and for the first time I feel as if what I have learned I can easily maintain as part of a healthy lifestyle."

"Elsa really worked with me to make small changes so that I did not feel overwhelmed but those small changes have had such a large and positive impact."

"Elsa was amazing and I have learned so many useful things that I can continue. I feel so positive about this experience. This is the first time I feel as if I have learned things that I can maintain."

"I have seen so many benefits after receiving coaching sessions from Elsa. She is really friendly and really gets to know you in order to help with your health and wellness goals. I am already seeing many improvements in my health and wellbeing from only a short amount of time."

"Elsa has helped me see that if there is something I want to improve in my life then it is under my control and I can use my strengths (which Elsa has helped me to realise) to plan actions to improve anything. Thank you so much for all the sessions, I have really enjoyed them."

"I am feeling more positive and energised which has made me feel more motivated. I am feeling more organised, healthier and less stressed."

Wellbeing Services

Our wellbeing is multi-dimensional and interdependent and encompasses our minds, our physical and emotional selves, our environment, financial and social connections as well as career, relationships and personal development.



Based in Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire, we work in person around the country and also virtually.

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